Magazines and AmmunitionMagazines and Ammunition

Obsessed with
Getting It Right.

Reliability is mandatory.
Just like you treat every facet of your shooting with serious attention to detail, we treat every facet of delivering the world’s most reliable magazines as if our lives depended on it. If a magazine is stamped with the OKAY mark, it must feed every round, every time. Every AR-15 shooter has the right to demand it.

Beware Fair Weather Friends.
Unlike polymer mags, SureFeed® aluminum magazines do not shatter or swell in extreme conditions – like cold temperatures or hot, humid environments. That’s another reason the military prefers OKAY aluminum magazines. You can’t control the weather, but with SureFeed®, you can control your magazine’s performance – regardless of what Mother Nature brings into your situation.

Magazine scuffing process

Magazine scuffing process

SureFeed® magazines achieve the ultimate in reliability through superior quality – from design and manufacturing to the most exhaustive battery of magazine tests in the world. Each and every SureFeed® magazine is individually proven before it leaves the factory. A dedicated inspection team verifies every weld, measures feed-lip tolerances and tests each magazine for fit and function. We leave nothing to chance.